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Action and Advocacy

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Action and Advocacy

Democracy in its purest form: how LWVH decides action priorities

The national and state leagues have many positions. LWVH cannot actively advocate on all of them each year. Instead, we annually choose which issues to make our local league's priorities. Local members' opinions and ideas are considered before voting -- democracy in its purest form. At the same time, we communicate our opinions of which issues we would like state and national Leagues of Women Voters to focus on. For instance, in 2015, LWVH recommended a statewide study on term lengths (as opposed to term limits, i.e. the number of terms an office-holder may serve)

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Consensus process determines issues to support

As a grassroots organization, we base our advocacy on positions adopted through a consensus process. Members decide to study an issue, form a committee to explore it and then reach consensus on a position. We adopt positions on the national, state, county and local levels. Topics of recent consensus meetings include immigration, support for the National Popular Vote Compact, Money in Politics.

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We help citizens register to vote

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How you can participate

If the civic issues that affect our lives interest you, consider joining the League of Women Voters. Working with other members, you can educate yourself, help develop positions, and gain opportunities to advocate on those issues you think are important. If you are already a member, why not join the committee that works on the issue most of interest to you? And do try to attend our public meetings addressing quality of life issues in our East End communities. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

2019 Priorities LWV Hamptons

Programs Adopted at our May 2019 Annual Meeting

The membership present adopted the following items:


  • Single payer; Death with Dignity
  • Suggested means include PIM, Voter articles, Letters to Editors

Voter Services
  • Get out the vote for local elections. I.e.: FD's and School Boards
  • Advocate reform at the Suffolk County Board of Elections
  • Encourage conformity regarding Absentee Ballot applications in the towns and villages.
  • Election reform including campaign finance

Increase Participation by Membership as well as gain new members
  • Look for new members in other like-minded community organizations (CACs)
  • Special Events pull in new members
  • Collaborate with like-minded groups (GGG in EH, CACs, Nature Conservancy, etc.)

The State-wide effort to simplify court system